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Yalla Hafla is a vibrant and inclusive show in Berlin created by the dynamic duo, Judy LaDivina and The Darvish. Originating from Israel and Syria respectively, these queer icons met in 2016 and embarked on a creative partnership. The show, meaning 'let's party' in Arabic, is a unique blend of drag, lip-sync, and belly dance, celebrating cultural diversity and coexistence. Yalla Hafla offers an authentic queer party experience where audiences are transported across borders through performances in up to 47 different languages.

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Queens against borders

Hailing from diverse social, linguistic, national, and artistic backgrounds, the talented artists of Queens Against Borders will seize the spotlight. This event serves as a powerful platform to inspire the city of Berlin, allowing these individuals to share their unique narratives and stories in a creative and artistic manner. From dance to drag, expect a spectrum of all-queer excellence that is both political and expressive. It's an opportunity to witness the intersection of creativity and activism, uniting various perspectives.

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